Casa Kids creates some of the most stylish and fun eco-furniture around, and their unique Cabinet Desk is no exception. Adults will be so jealous of the kid who owns this sweet workspace. With cabinets and nooks aplenty, the spacious desk offers room for everything — and we mean everything. This desk will easily hold a computer, stacks and stacks of books and supplies, and all the little knickknacks your kid collects — with plenty of room to spare for your child to work. It’s an excellent desk for a modern child (or adult) who needs space for both work and creative projects. Plus, with so many cabinets at your disposal, this desk cuts back on other furniture you need, thus saving money and allowing more space for playtime. Casa Kids products are made locally in Brooklyn with FSC and CARB certified baltic birch plywood and water-based, non-toxic, acrylic, zero VOC finishes. The Cabinet Desk may be finished in natural birch or white stain, and Casa Kids will even make one as colorful as a rainbow, if that’s your pleasure.

+ Cabinet Desk $2400 – $4800

+ Casa Kids