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Ideal for urbanites living in tiny homes, the Dumbo Double Tuck Bed is genius in its design. Big enough for two but small enough for ridiculously tight spaces, the folding bunk bed comes with custom-made mattresses and optional storage. And it was obviously designed by a man who has a lot of experience with children.

Casa Kids founder Roberto Gil is a father of two fully grown twin boys, and it shows in the details of his work. For example, he created a sizable gap between all moving parts of each piece in the Tuck Bed collection to ensure that no little fingers get caught and pinched!

The Tuck Bed collection also includes horizontal and vertical folding beds that come in two different sizes and with or without storage. Also on display at the 2013 BKLYN Designs festival was a bunk bed that comes with stairs instead of a ladder. Roberto never runs out of inspired ideas to maximize space, safety and fun for little ones.

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