Casa Kids recently introduced their new bunk over daybed as an inspired innovation for shared sleeping spaces. They’re on a design roll, because also debuting this fall is the Tuck Bed Over Bench. I typically don’t use all-encompassing words like “every” but really, depending on the configuration you choose, the new Tuck Bed Over Bench has the ability to solve every one of your bedroom space needs. With a bed hovering over a storage bench and the optional above bed shelving, this piece is a dream for parents short on kid bedroom space or simply for an adult with a small apartment or studio. Tuck Bed Over Bench can be mounted to virtually any wall, and folds up easily and compactly when not in use. In fact, this piece takes up just 13 3/4” of floor space when folded, leaving lots of extra space for play or other activities. You can also get this customized with a magnetized panel, chalkboard or dry erase board to indulge your child’s creative side. As always with Casa Kids, safety and smart design are key components of this furniture. From the easy pull lever that opens and closes the bed with ease to gaps between all of the beds’ moving parts so there’s no worry of pinched fingers, to the safe, sustainable materials used in construction, this bed is sturdy and eco-minded.

+ Tuck Bed over Bench from $4,800.00

+ Casa Kids