We’ve seen the stylish CASAKids collection before here at Inhabitots, but we love CASAKids so much, that seconds are in order. It’s especially hard not to come back for more when you see the CASAKids Loft Beds. Solid, beautiful, and multifunctional, the CASAKids Loft Beds are perfect for any child’s bedroom space. Plus, these loft beds are for so much more than simply sleeping. With large under spaces and colorful configurations available, the CASAKids loft bed can serve as a private playhouse, workspace, or just a cozy place to hunker down with a book.

The CASAKids white loft bed is custom made with Baltic Birch plywood and finished with water based white wash and a clear satin finish. This white modular loft bed’s standard features include: hanging closet, adjustable shelves, hamper, drawer, adjustable desk, bookshelves and ladder. The storage components, desk, and the bed can all be used separately if you choose.

A loft bed from CASAKids is not only beautiful and unique, but a practical solution for a child’s room; especially a room short on space. CASAKids Loft Beds can be painted to suit any decor. The entire CASAKids Collection, including the loft beds are made with various eco-friendly woods and non-toxic water based paints. Plus CASAKids ships their pieces flat to save on packaging!

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