Trees are the ubiquitous symbols associated with a fruitful life, green-mindedness, affinity for the earth (tree-hugging), and family. Celebrate all of these traits by gathering around with your loved ones and building your very own Totem Tree in honor of Earth Week. Printed with wood and plant textures, the Totem Tree’s tangible earthiness brings the outdoors in. The kit includes a manual, two birds, a birdhouse, and mushrooms growing on the tree trunk. Hidden messages are sprinkled throughout the 150 cardboard panels via mediums such as crushed soda cans. The Totem Tree is biodegradable and recyclable. We’re certain you’ll want to keep it on display as your family tree year round, and you may also transform it into a new creation as a rainy day activity.

Note: All TOTEM sets are compatible. So, if you like the Totem Building Cards, interchange them with the Totem Tree for an even more unique look.

+ Totem Tree 22,95 euros

+ Assembled tree measurements: 70 cm high by 60 cm wide