In honor of Earth Day 2014, gDiapers has just announced a great partnership with renowned environmental group, 5 Gyres. Together, gDiapers and 5 Gyres are releasing a special limited edition Great White gPants and a Great White Tee, with 5 Gyres committing to undertake a foot of beach clean up for every item sold. 5 Gyres, well known for their efforts to end plastic pollution, is also embarking on a Viking Gyre expedition this summer that will take scientists and citizens from Bermuda to Iceland to sample the ocean waters and stop at islands deeply impacted by plastic pollution. gDiapers will be providing the organization with funds to help 5 Gyres engage in beach clean-ups and document the extent of pollution discovered on the trip. “As a mother and an environmentalist, I’m thrilled to have gDiapers on board,” says Anna Cummins, 5 Gyres Co-Founder and Executive Director. “We’ve traveled the world studying plastic pollution and have seen disposable diapers littering some of the most remote landscapes. gDiapers offers a sustainable, adorable solution that our whole family loves.” The beautiful new Great White Shark gPants and Clean Water tee will be available April 9, 2014, so check in with gDiapers in early April to pick up a set for your baby. To learn more about gDiapers in general, check out our gDiapers review or read our interview with Kimberley Graham Nye co-founder of gDiapers.

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