Children of the 80’s, you probably remember clamoring around the TV with your siblings or friends to watch Fraggle Rock once a week. Then, if you were really into the show, you probably made your poor siblings act out each episode with you. Or, was that just me? Fraggle Rock, well, rocked. It doesn’t get any better than Jim Henson muppets who live underground, steal radishes and sing fun songs. Lucky for you, Kamibashi remembers the Fraggles too, and they’re celebrating 30 years of Fraggle Rock all year long in partnership with The Jim Henson Company. For a limited time (2014 only) you can snatch up an adorable Wembley, Boober or Red String Doll. Each little Fraggle doll is handmade under Fair Trade standards in Thailand, plus comes with his or her own special power written on a fabric tag.

Kamibashi String Dolls make a great gift anytime and are super affordable at just $10 a pop – zero exceptions. Also, every String Doll comes with a handy lobster claw key ring so you can take your Fraggle friend with you wherever you go. Keep in mind that while String Dolls are super fun for the whole family, due to small parts, they may not be safe for kids under the age of 8 – use your best judgment. This is also a cool opportunity to introduce your child to the simple joys of Fraggle Rock. Today’s kid shows are full of violence, adult content and other nonsense, but the Fraggles are still offering lessons in friendship, music and kindness, so why not pick up the entire series for a reasonable price at Amazon?

+ Fraggle Rock String Dolls $10.00 each

+ Fraggle Rock: Complete Series Collection $74.98 each

+ Kamibashi