Kiddos love to partake in the Hanukkah tradition of candle-lighting, an integral part of the Festival of Lights, but with little ones it’s tricky because, you know, FIRE! This menorah of little Hanukkah dolls may be just the present to scratch their pyro itches safely. Instead of candles, there are nine festive little dolls. You can choose whether the dolls are girls or boys and can also request different hair or skin color. The peg dolls’ little flame hats are easy to put on and remove, and kids will love “lighting” the candles on subsequent nights “just like Mom and Dad.” Hand-painted in a simple Waldorf style with non-toxic paints and finished with a non-toxic seal, the dolls make up a sweet and memorable menorah┬áthat will be a family keepsake for Hanukkah in years to come. The dolls themselves can be removed from the wooden menorah stand so they can even be repurposed as toys for everyday play throughout the year. For ages 3 and up.

+ Hanukkah menorah $48.50

via Cool Mom Picks