When it comes to choosing children’s furniture, design-loving parents want it all: aesthetic appeal, affordability, simple assembly, and perhaps most importantly, a guarantee that no toxic substances went into the product’s creation. The designers behind Celery Furniture—who are parents themselves—decided it was possible to have all of this and more.

The first thing that Kristen and Dan Harding and Aliza Eddy did when developing their Lullaboo line of kids’ furniture was to throw out the hardware that normally holds pieces together. Instead of metal screws, bolts, or worse yet: nasty adhesives, Celery’s mortise and tenon joinery system secures pieces in place with two hands and a wooden mallet.

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Each Celery piece is made with bamboo and 100% recycled formaldehyde-free MDF, using non-toxic adhesives and no- or low-VOC finishes. Colors are bright enough for kids but subtle enough that the grown-ups won’t need to stash the furniture away with the toys when the house needs tidying.

Celery is designed and fabricated in Bozeman, Montana, where the Hardings live with their daughter, Alexandra, and Eddy lives with her daughter, Claire. The trio will soon be launching an adult line inspired by Lullaboo.

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