Toddlers share a universal affinity for going “Weeee!” down slides. Designer Evan Dublin has transferred the giddiness of a child’s gleeful descent down a playground slide into his cheery, bright yellow, Slide Chair, which was built from a reclaimed slide component found at New York City salvage yard, Build it Green.

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Dublin debuted his Slide Chair at the 2009 Pratt Show earlier this month, from which he’s earning his undergraduate degree in the Industrial Design program. Of his Slide Chair he offers, “The original playful qualities of the slide are domesticated when brought into the home, offering a modern take on the classic wingback chair. The whimsical stature of the chair offers a great secluded area for reading and relaxing for children of all ages.”

We love that the Slide Chair is an equally alluring perch for both children and adults. While it began its life as unassuming playground equipment, Dublin promoted it to a golden throne with a modern design aesthetic, featuring tufting, patina finish on the hardware and mortis tenon joinery for the wood working. We look forward to Dublin’s future sustainable designs. He certainly makes innovation and hard work look like ‘a walk in the park.’

+ Slide Chair by Evan Dublin