With the name ‘Class Attire,’ the masterminds behind Chalkboard Tees know a thing or two about stylish back to school apparel. We’ve written about the design savvy Chalkboard Tees before, and we think they should go straight to the head of the fashion class. School is almost in session again, and what kid wouldn’t want their very own Chalkboard Tee to show off their works of art, doodles or messages while on the go? As previously reported here on Inhabitots, “Chalkboard Tees are like a wearable Etch a Sketch which lets you be the medium behind your own message. Each shirt is equipped with a tiny pocket to hold a piece of chalk; and by simply wielding the chalk, you can create images or messages on the fly  — erasing and re-creating on one shirt, multiple times!”

Wishing your kid had his very own Chalkboard Tee? Stay tuned to Inhabitots for a chance to win one!

+ Chalkboard Tees retail for $35 at Class Attire’s online store.