At the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn, we discovered these awesome Chalkboard Tees: t-shirts with a chalkboard literally printed on the chest, for hours of doodling-on-yourself fun! Equally fun for your child or your inner child, Chalkboard Tees are like a wearable Etch a Sketch which lets you be the medium behind your own message. Each shirt is equipped with a tiny pocket to hold a piece of chalk; and by simply wielding the chalk, you can create images or messages on the fly  — erasing and re-creating on one shirt, multiple times!

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Created by Chris and JinYen of Class Attire, Chalkboard Tees are offered in an array of pastel colors and design patterns, and each features an easily recognizable silhouette rendered in black ‘chalk board’ ink. The signature pigments used in the ink hold an image made with chalk that doesn’t smudge, but easily wipes free with a damp cloth (or biodegradable baby wipe) so a kid can clean the slate after each graphic or text creation.

“Tired of seeing so many walking advertisements, we decided to come up with a way to let you express yourself!” reads the Chalkboard Tees website. The shirts are all handmade in the USA, and some are fashioned from organic cotton. They also come in adult sizes, so parents can get their messages across alongside their tots!

+ Chalkboard Tees retail for $26.99 at Class Attire’s online store.