Leave less of your baby’s carbon tush-print behind this Earth Day and beyond by outfitting the little squirt in Charlie Banana‘s brand new, limited edition green diaper. The colorful prose design beckons families who haven’t yet kicked disposable diapers to the curb to say, “Goodbye Disposable, Hello Cloth.” And for cloth diapering veterans, this is a fun way to spread the news and encourage others to turn over a new leaf in honor of Earth Day. The cheery custom cloth diaper goes on sale today, exclusively on Zulily.com, and will be available online at Charlie Banana starting April 10th. Learn more about green diapering on Inhabitots.

+ “Goodbye Disposable, Hello Cloth” Diaper (April 7-10th $14.99 on Zulily.com, April 10th onward at Charlie Banana $25)