Chelsea Clinton has been a mom for just over a year now, and although the former president’s daughter/philanthropist/author is loving motherhood, she recently admitted to one parenting challenge: going back to work full-time while still breastfeeding. Saying that she wished she’d had a guidebook of sorts to navigate through the logistics of balancing work and breastfeeding, Clinton described to E! News how it took her some time to figure out how she could make it all work in her own life. Clinton also talked briefly about the humbling experience of pumping in airport bathrooms while traveling for work, a scenario many of us can readily relate to. Clinton has spoken on other occasions about how motherhood has opened her eyes and her heart to the struggles of women and children around the world and enriched her philanthropic experiences, and we hope she continues to candidly discuss the complicated, rewarding realities of working and mothering.

via E! News