Perfluorinated alkylated substances (pdf) (PFAS) (the new generation of PFCs – replacements for chemicals once used to make Teflon and Scotchgard) are already linked to some negative health consequences including disruption of normal endocrine activity, reduced immune function, liver and pancreas problems, and developmental problems in rodent offspring. Now, new research has found a slight link between exposure to this category of chemicals to miscarriage. PFAS are used extensively in consumer products that need to be resistant to water and grease such as fire fighting foams, protective coating, textiles, and floor wax to name a few — all of which are likely to eventually end up in waste facilities, sewage water and thus the air, water and soil that surrounds us. PFAS are also found in more everyday products like wax paper, pizza boxes, cookware, cosmetics, outdoor clothing and popcorn bags. As you may have guessed, the researchers on this new study note that humans are widely exposed to these persistent compounds. In the case-control study within a population-based, prospective cohort during 2010-2012 the researchers found “strongly significant associations” between serum concentrations of PFAS and miscarriage. Unfortunately, this study was very small, based on just 56 miscarriages, so while the study shows that this could be a potential public health issue, especially because all pregnant women in the study were exposed to PFAS, further research is needed to confirm the findings.

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+ Association between Perfluorinated Compound Exposure and Miscarriage in Danish Pregnant Women

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