Chemistry was my least favorite subject in high school, but had these creative crayon labels been around in those days, it might have been a different story. Que Interesante’s crayon labels help introduce kiddos to chemistry in a fun and effective yet organic manner. There are no flash cards or learning drills — just the idea that by using the labels, kids will gradually make the connection between the crayon and the chemical. Using the flame test, which helps scientist determine the presence of certain elements by exposing them to a flame to see what color is produced, each element is matched to a specific crayon. For example, when Barium Nitrate Ba(NO3)2 Flame undergoes the flame test, it makes a green color, so that particular crayon label is green. The labels are made to fit over existing crayons (Crayola is recommended) and are available in sets of numerous sizes (depending on how much of a chemistry buff you are trying to raise). Between this and periodic table battleship, chemistry suddenly became the cool kid at the lunch table. Pass the mercuric iodide, please!

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+ Que Interesante’s crayon labels $1-$12

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