Over 20,000 individuals took action with Green America in March, asking the Apple company to improve labor conditions in its supplier factories, and it turns out Apple is listening! Now Green America is asking everyone to help them again by calling out Samsung for their shocking child labor abuses. A new report recently issued by China Labor Watch (CLW), brings to light various instances of child labor in a Samsung’s supplier factory in China. Other reports have also shown that hundreds of former Samsung workers in Korea developed grave illnesses due to dangerous chemical exposure while working in the Samsung factory. Green America notes, “These abuses are in violation of national laws, international labor law, and Samsung’s own Global Code of Conduct, which states that the company will treat workers in a fair and legal manner, will not endanger worker health and safety, and will not hire underage workers.” Sadly, Samsung is following their own supposed code of building, “a positive future for society and the environment.” Worse, Samsung sold an estimated 550 million phones worldwide plus banked $36 billion last year, so the fact that they even use child labor is utterly ridiculous. They can well afford to pay fair wages to adults and provide safe working conditions as well. Thankfully, you can join Green America and China Labor Watch in holding Samsung accountable so that no more workers are mistreated or endangered while making Samsung’s products. Apple is changing their ways thanks to consumers, so why can’t Samsung? Head over to Green America and sign the Samsung, Put an End to Smartphone Sweatshops! petition.

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+ Samsung, Put an End to Smartphone Sweatshops!

+ Samsung Child Labor Report (pdf)