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I Can Save the Earth

I Can Save the Earth by Little Green Books is probably my daughter’s favorite. Max the little green monster is messy and doesn’t care about his impact on the earth. Then one night there is a blackout which gets Max to go outside. He then discovers things in nature he had never seen before and this changes his life. Max wakes up the next day and tries to do his part in taking care of the earth.

+ I Can Save the Earth $3.99

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Wonder Pets Save the Tree

Linny, Ming-Ming, and Tuck rescue a sad little tree in a dirty city. I love how the story teaches children how to care for a sick tree and work together as a team to clean up the city. The book is also printed with 100% vegetable inks and printed on 100% recycled paper.

+ Wonder Pets Save the Tree $4.99

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Mama Miti

This beautiful children’s book tells the true story of Wangari Muta Maathai, also known as Mama Miti, who began a grassroots movement in Africa to mobilize and combat deforestation, soil erosion, and environmental degradation. More than 30 million trees have been planted in in Mama Miti’s native Kenya since 1977 and she won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004. Recommended for ages 4-8 years old- though older children will still enjoy!

+ Mama Miti $17.99

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The Sun in Me

The Sun in Me is a wonderful book of nature poetry about the planet. Each poem celebrates some part of nature- whether it be the seasons, birds, rain, or the night sky. This is a beautiful way to introduce poetry to your child and talk more about the earth.

+ The Sun in Me $12.99

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Earth Matters

Earth Matters is an encyclopedia of ecology that is great for all ages, especially for those with inquisitive minds! It is a large hardbound book with real life photo’s explaining earth. Your child will learn about the different ecosystems and biomes, how they work, who lives there, why they are threatened, and how you can help. It is recommended for ages 8-14, though my daughter started to enjoy the book when she was 4.

+ Earth Matters $24.99

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Make It!

Make It! is a great eco-craft books with tons of ideas for simple reused projects. The book is packed with ideas for paper, plastic, metal, and fabric crafts that you make out of what some consider trash. Make It! is filled with beautiful pictures showing all of the options of things you can create with easy to follow instructions. Great for ages 5-8, though younger children can enjoy with the help of an adult.

+ Make It! $14.99