Battling cancer requires the strength and resilience of a superhero. For patients of any age, undergoing chemotherapy is a harrowing ordeal that leaves the body feeling weak and ravaged. With this in mind, the A.C. Camargo Cancer Center in São Paulo, Brazil collaborated with ad agency JWT (who also represents Warner Bros.) to try to boost the spirits’ of young cancer patients. They “rebranded” IV drips into “Superformula” by covering the bags with boxes emblazoned with Justice League symbols. Further, they worked with artists to create comic books featuring plots that outline the stories of Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, and the Green Lantern, as they all experience similar fights with the disease and emerge victorious.

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Co-developed with doctors, the Justice League boxes are placed around the IV bags and can be easily sterilized. Along with the comic books, they allow for a very personal treatment that asks the patient to call upon their own strength and courage to help defeat the illness. The JWT team also helped to turn the game room in the pediatric cancer ward into a version of the Hall of Justice as well as decorating all of the halls and doors in the same theme.

Seeing normally strong, iconic superheros as vulnerable characters reassures the children that even the most seemingly indestructible figures can feel beaten. Even so, through perseverance and medical intervention, they too can regain their power and accomplish amazing feats of daring. Far more than just a simple distraction, the Superformula turns cancer into a challenge that children can envision themselves triumphing over.


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