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The Imaginary Friend Collection was inspired by a workshop held in 2015, where 60 kids spent the day drawing their imaginary friends. Each drawing was accompanied by a description of their imaginary friend, a list of some of their traits, and of course their name. The selected drawings were then brought to life, by Becky & Joe, Aardman and Psyop.

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A dinosaur drawing became a larger-than-life character, stretching eight feet tall. Named Nessi, the dino was covered in comfy gray and black fur, with a neck that reaches for the sky. Another imaginary friend, Chloe, seems like an ordinary little girl at first — until her third eye reveals itself through her bangs. Swerl, a lion that looks remarkably like a flower, is lined with a big purple mane. Another character brought to fruition is an adorable fox named Jamie, complete with bookish glasses and wiry whiskers, and a super furry black and white cat named Lily is topped with a pink bow drawn by her creator.

The Imaginary Friend Collection is on exhibit through February 12th at the V&A Museum of Childhood in London.

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