Palumba has added a wonderful new heirloom quality work table to their collection of eco wares, made exclusively for them by the amazing Camden Rose. This great work area can be used as a special place to work on arts and crafts of all kinds, turned into a fun pretend kitchen, used as a space to care for a baby doll, and so much more. The caddy can be attached open side up to serve as a shelf to hold tools and craft supplies, or it may be used with the open side down in order to create a space to hang towels, sheets of paper or doll clothes. This would also be an excellent table for homeschoolers and it will help kids keep their gear organized. The work table is crafted in the United States with maple, cherry and walnut hardwoods. Camden Rose makes all of their products with care and safety in mind, using natural solid materials and child-safe finishes.

+ Child’s Work Table with Caddy $299.99

+ Palumba

+ Camden Rose