Babies and kids LOVE music. From their earliest months, they bob their heads or clap whenever they hear a tune. Later, they bounce up and down on somewhat shaky knees or hilariously sway their hips, often while holding onto a chair for support. Uncle Goose‘s chord cube guitar blocks take this inherent appreciation and put the power of learning music into their little hands (literally). The set of nine cubes comes with 54 chord diagrams (Major, Minor, and Dominant 7th chords in open and barre configurations as well as the associated sharps and flats), and the included “v-tray” block stand will actually give kids a realistic way to “practice,” no guitar needed. The cubes also offer interested parents a chance to hone their own guitar skills while playing and building with their little one. The handmade, sustainable beechwood blocks are made with non-toxic inks in the USA, so tots can handle them worry-free. What to do when your little one has mastered the guitar? Move on to the ukelele variation of chord cubes, of course! For ages 2 and up.

+ Guitar Chord Blocks $35.00