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Reportedly, the nursing suite came to fruition after Cincinnati Reds chief operating officer Phil Castellini learned that female fans were having trouble finding cozy places to nurse their little ones during the games. A father of five, Castellini knew he’d need to respond to this need in a big way in order to show those moms that the team really wants their support.

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The nursing suite isn’t designed as a souped-up bathroom, like many other “private nursing rooms” we’ve all seen in public spaces. Instead, they went all-out and made the suite to look more like home than your home probably does. The suite, sponsored by Pampers and built by Fischer Homes, is outfitted with rocking chairs, bottles, private restrooms, diaper changing tables, and a kitchenette featuring a refrigerator and lockers to store nursing-related items during the game.

We love this step forward in supporting breastfeeding and finding a way to enable nursing moms to enjoy America’s favorite pastime in comfort. We’re just wondering: are dads on diaper duty welcome to use the suite as well?

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Images via Cincinnati Reds’ Facebook page