All crayons are not created equal. We love innovative coloring tools here at Inhabitots – and having previously raved about Timothy Liles’ Crayon Rings and Romp’s crayon stones, we’re delighted to be adding even more color to our tots’ lives with easy to wield rocket shaped, natural soy crayons from Clementine Art. The good, clean fun doesn’t stop there — the Clementine Art collection includes six all natural products that are non-toxic and safe for kids and the environment! Clementine Art’s washable paints, water-based markers, soy crayons, soy crayon rocks, scented modeling dough and washable glue have your tiny artist’s entire repertoire covered.

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The Clementine Art collection does not contain any synthetic preservatives, animal byproducts or petroleum bases. Clementine is the first art product company to disclose all of their ingredients on their packaging. All packaging is made from 80% post-consumer recycled materials and is printed with soy based inks in a wind-powered facility.  Their line is superior not only in responsible craftsmanship but in quality as well. Two shapes of creamy crayons with soft, vibrant hues, crumble-free, strawberry, lemon and lime scented long lasting modeling dough, quick-drying markers colored with plant and mineral pigments, washable paints colored with Mayan mineral earth pigments and washable glue designed for use on paper, fabric and wood comprise this exemplary line of eco-friendly art supplies that will enable kids to create sustainably made art in every fashion.

+ Clementine Art Supplies (available for purchase at Whole Foods)