The Climate Quilt Campaign co-founded by Habitat Heroes and the Green Schools Alliance, is a major effort to raise awareness about climate change issues while connecting children around the world, and empowering youth who want to speak out for a cleaner, healthier planet. Kids across the globe are pledging to help save the planet by participating in the Climate Quilt Campaign. The end goal is to create a quilt (made out of recycled fabric) to raise awareness about global warming; with the hope that the finished collaboration will be displayed in Copenhagen during the UN conference on climate change which commences December 7, 2009.

Leading up to the UN conference in Copenhagen, the quilt will be celebrated and displayed on the same day in countries including the United Kingdom, the Philippines, China and Australia in a grand gesture of climate change awareness solidarity.

Ways that kids can participate in the Climate Quilt Campaign include:

To learn more and to get involved visit The Climate Quilt Campaign.