Tis the season for summer birthday parties, backyard bashes and baking bonanzas — so there are plenty of treats to top in a rainbow of colors for special events and summer fun. The problem is, we all know that mainstream food dyes are full of horrible ingredients that have an adverse affect on health and behavior. It’s also not always a quick endeavor to make your own food coloring. With all this in mind, we’re reaching for Color Kitchen‘s Natural Food Coloring Kit. In addition to being vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO, the kit, which is made in the USA, contains a trio of colors that derive their hues from Mother Nature: spirulina, turmeric and beets. You can also use Color Kitchen’s color mixing guide to create an array of shades that range from pastel to vibrant. It’s easy to pop open a packet, add a couple drops of water or glycerin and put the icing on a dozen cookies, macaroons, cupcakes and more. Here’s to a sweet summer.

+ Natural Food Coloring Kit $7.99

+ Color Kitchen