Step aside Peeps, because Pebbles are coming to this year’s Easter Baskets. Color Pebbles from Rock and Pebble are tiny (2.1 inches to be exact) wooden dolls dressed to impress — and they’ll look fabulous perched in a festive basket delivered by the Bunny.┬áMade in the USA from solid maple wood, their removable and reusable stick-on paper clothes (which are akin to a Post-It) are printed in the UK. Each set comes with 5 blank dolls and 36 different clothing designs that range from pastel colors to rainvow, ombre and vibrant patterns. The dolls may be toted to and fro in a screen-printed cotton house bag that’s made in Poland. Also included is a booklet with tips for painting faces onto the dolls and a page to store clothing. Recommended for kids ages 4 and up due to the dexterity required to dress the diminutive dolls.

These sweet little dolls also come in other varieties that aren’t to be missed: Modern Pebbles and Alphabet Pebbles.

+ Color Pebbles $22

+ Rock and Pebble