Swiss toymaker Naef continues to impress us with their growing collection of artfully crafted novelties for kids. The Colorem now joins the ranks of Naef wares we’ve previously raved about here on Inhabitots: the Juba Wooden Caterpillar Toy, Fluctus Building Cones, and Agon Blocks. The new cubes on the block, Colorem puts an end to the paper trail by enabling kids to create colorful art on maple wood cubes that have been varnished with blackboard paint. A simple wipe with a wet sponge, and the blocks become a blank canvas of expression time and again. Colorem comes in 25 or 12 piece variations and is equipped with five water-soluble chalk crayons and a sponge. Kids can design their own puzzles, memory games and drawings on the blocks, which may also be used as traditional stacking blocks to build towering works of art.

+ Colorem $60.14 for 12 piece set $99.44 for 25 piece set

+ Naef