We’re accustomed to baby bottles coming with silicone nipples, but Comotomo has created an evolved bottle whose body is also made of soft and squeezy skin-like silicone to more closely mimic the breast. Baby bottles have gotten pretty high-tech these days, and we’re always happy to see a version that combines the features that we’ve come to expect with a functional, yet low-key design. So, yes: Comotomo Baby’s bottles are BPA-free, are designed to closely mimic breastfeeding, and have dual vents for regulating air flow and reducing colic. These bottles and their nipples are made from 100% medical grade silicone, which means that they can handle the microwave, boiling water, sterilizers, and dishwashers (as well as buttery baby hands testing out the effect of gravity). Our favorite feature: the extra-wide neck design that makes cleaning much easier, even without a brush. The minimalist-shaped, squeezable bottles come in two different sizes and are available in pink and green.

+ Comotomo Baby Bottles $22.99 (for 2) to $47.99 (for 4)

+ Comotomo Baby