Buying maternity clothes can often be a frustrating and expensive venture. The bodies of moms-to-be change quickly and most maternity clothes end up in boxes after just a few uses since the styles don’t translate to post-pregnancy wear. Employees at Utah-based business data company Domo, however, can focus their baby budget elsewhere since Domo provides a generous $2,000 to its employees to purchase maternity wear. The company’s incentive takes the form of gift cards to A Pea in the Pod, Nordstrom, or ASOS and has been available for the past year. According to Fortune, when the assistant to Domo’s CEO Josh James became pregnant, “he acknowledged the challenge expectant mothers face in trying to dress professionally while carrying a child, according to Cathy Donahoe, Domo’s vice president of human resources. “He said, ‘Hey, this is a benefit that I want to add.'” In addition to the maternity clothes allowance, the young company also offers $1,000 baby bonus to new parents and parental leave including two paid weeks of paternal leave and a full month of paid leave for moms along with six weeks at partial pay. The company offers the allowance each time an employee gets pregnant, so even though styles change as quickly as growing bellies, moms-to-be can stay chic, comfortable, and on trend.

via Today and Fortune

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