All of Oeuf’s Halloween costume garb is made from 100% baby alpaca under fair trade conditions in Bolivia. The soft, hypoallergenic fabric is perfect to wear close to your face. The lion bandana is actually two costumes in one — one side depicts a lion face, while the other will turn your tot into a tiger. It’s such a smart alternative to irritating, often chemical-laden, face paint. Plus, your kid can wear it as a scarf after Halloween is over. And if you don’t love letting your daughter paint her nails, let her feel fancy wearing the pink “painted” finger gloves.

Another brilliant buy from Oeuf is the Ghost with Removable Mask. For Halloween, your kid can wear the mask over her eyes, but she’ll love playing with the plush ghost all year long. Or for that timely pint-sized William, Kate, or Where the Wild Things Are costume, try a warm knit crown that even sparkles thanks to gold thread detail. If Halloween is chilly, the crown will help keep your kid warm, and later it can be worn as an ear muff for winter.

Even the simplest of accessories can add major fun to a Halloween costume. Case in point, just try not to laugh while wearing this silly mustache. The fact that it’s knit from natural material gives Oeuf’s versions of this classic costume accessory an edge — you don’t really want your kid wearing synthetic materials on their sweet face, do you?

+ Lion Bandana $48

+ Finger Gloves $60

+ Ghost with Removable Mask $68

+ Wild Things Crown $36

+ Big Mustache $22

+ Oeuf