The “cradle to cradle” concept is really brought home in the YiAhn bassinet — an infant cradle that transforms as a baby grows, taking on new functions as a child’s needs change. The bassinet, intended for babies from birth to 4 months, converts into a toy bin and book shelf that a child can use until age 4, and then into a chair and table for kids to use while learning to read, write and draw. If a new baby comes into the family, the materials can once again be assembled into a bassinet. We’re big fans of this innovative, full-circle design scheme.

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The YiAhn bassinet was designed by Min Kang for his son. When preparing for his newborn to arrive, Kang found that most bassinets were either cheaply made or far too expensive for an object that most people use for only a few months. He pursued a solution for a bassinet that would retain its utility well into childhood, allowing parents to get their money’s worth out of a high quality product.

The YiAhn bassinet is made of Plyboo bamboo plywood, stainless steel, and chrome, and comes with 100% organic cotton sheets. The simple lines and colors give the pieces a lasting quality not only in terms of function, but also in terms of style. This is furniture a kid can grow in.

Available at My Baby’s First Furniture: YiAhn
Dimensions: 31″ H x 39″ W x 17″ D