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Imagine growing up in a city designed just for you. Come 2014, the children of  Copenhagen will have the opportunity to join the largest daycare in Denmark. To avoid becoming a “daycare factory”, Prinsessegade will feature houses, parks, a city hall, restaurant, a fire station and a stadium. A large green space will stand at the center of the city, making it an ideal place to gather and share in outdoor activities. The design will incorporate as much of the existing natural features as possible, and buildings will be placed in such a way that the trees, beach, and other elements of the landscape remain in tact.

COBE hopes that everyone, from the children to their parents, will feel at home in Prinsessegade. The sheer size and variety of the model will ensure that there is a place for everyone. “There’s room for the wild kids, the quiet kids, for the kids who like to draw and paint, the roleplayers, the ones who play in the sandbox, the ones that race down the mountain in mooncars and those who like to bake cookies in the kitchen. There’s room for the ones performing a musical in the city hall, the ones tinkering with their mopeds, the ones playing street basket in the cage and the ones kissing behind the bike shed.” the design team muses. Far from your average daycare playground, Prinsessegade is set to be a real-life wonderland.

+ COBE/Nord Architects

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