Pillobebe’s cushy CorkiMats look comfy enough even for moms and dads to take some much-deserved rest, though these play mats were actually created to provide a safe and fun place for little ones to explore. CorkiMats are crafted from cork, bamboo, and organic cotton and are covered with a 100% GOTS certified cover that can be removed for easy cleaning. Cork and bamboo might seem like surprising choices for a play mat, but both are sustainable fiber sources: cork bark can be harvested numerous times without hurting the trees and renewable bamboo is fast-growing. CorkiMats come as a nine-tile set, and you can choose between sets that all have the same design or some with two different patterns. The price of the mats is a little on the steep side, but since they are made to last for years and can be used for a variety of purposes including as an exercise mat or made into tunnels or a toy bin, we are confident you’ll get your money’s worth. The toxin-free tiles can be easily Velcroed together or separated, so you can take a few along when the family is traveling or take them all apart and store them when you need extra floor space. And if you happen to end up lying down on a CorkiMat yourself during naptime for a little shut-eye, we won’t judge — been there!

+ CorkiMat $355.00-$385.00

+ Pillobebe