Depending on which wooden crayon holder you choose, it will hold between 8 crayons, like the whale shown above, and a whopping 64 crayons if you choose the big 5-car train crayon holder. The 18-wheeler semi truck crayon holder holds 24 crayons. So you can see each design corresponds to a size box of crayons you could buy.

While we wish these cute art supply organizers didn’t come with petroleum based crayons, we know your kiddo will love storing their all natural soy based crayons here too. We suggest using Prang soy crayons available at Stubby Pencil Studio to fit into the holder.

The wooden crayon holder designs are exclusive to Countryside Gifts and you will not find them anywhere else. To ensure safety for little artists, all corners and edges are rounded over and the crayon holder part is hand-sanded smooth. The holders are finished with natural beeswax, and all of Countryside Gifts items are made with non-toxic lead-free dyes and finishes. All items (except the crayons) are handmade in New Jersey.

+ Wooden Crayon Holders $49.95 – $10.95 

+ Countryside Gifts LLC