Recycling and upcycling crayons has thankfully become much easier in recent years, but finding a place that recycles old markers has presented a challenge for little green artists and their teachers and families — until now. Crayola has finally upped its recycling game with the ColorCycle Initiative, which calls on students to help collect old, dried up markers to keep them out of landfills (and that includes any marker, not just Crayola brand). Available for K-12 schools in the U.S. (and some parts of Canada), ColorCycle will use the collected markers as well as an innovative technology to turn said markers into fuel. Yep, those old, spent markers have a brighter future: for example, 193 markers can produce enough energy to move a city bus three miles! The program is FREE, with Crayola even covering the FedEx shipping charges. Just head on over to the Crayola ColorCycle sign-up page to get your child’s school started. In addition to getting rid of all those unwanted markers, teachers will also be able to access classroom lesson plans on sustainability and environmental engagement.

+ Crayola ColorCycle

via Crafting a Green World