If you’ve always wanted to create cute soft toys but you don’t have enough experience to draft your own patterns, fear not! There are adorable little kits available from Cupcakes for Clara that allow you to make endearing felt friends with ease. There are several different kit options to choose from, with choices ranging from plush toys and finger puppets, to key chain friends. Each set includes everything you need to fashion the critter — including wool felt, cotton sewing thread, embroidery floss, stuffing, needle, and of course, the pattern and instructions. The only thing you’ll need on hand is a pair of scissors. The finger puppet sets are available in bird and kitten varieties, while the key ring kits come in the options of a snail or a cupcake. For the soft, round, chubby toys, you can choose from a lion, kitten, piglet, rabbit, sparrow, bluebird, chick or robin.

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Cupcakes for Clara kits are ideal for anyone who would like to learn how to sew — especially children! The stitches needed are very simple and the fabric is a sturdy wool felt that doesn’t fray easily. These kits are perfect for little hands, and are a great starting point for children in Waldorf-style education programs, or kids who love to make things and are eager to learn new skills. The best part is that they get to play with the items when they’re finished!

All kits are handmade in Cheshire, England, and can be shipped internationally.

+ Cupcakes for Clara Kits $14-$30

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