It seems tire swings have been around since the invention of the wheel. They are probably among the first toys made from recycled materials — but don’t quote me on that. The conventional model (used tire, length of durable rope, cooperative tree) was well in need of an update, and the copyrighted designs of Patrick Palumbo, founder of Wildlife Creations, have certainly reinvented the wheel with clever tire cutouts in various creature forms including a dragon, a shark, a horse, a dog, an elephant… even a Tyrannosaurus Rex!

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In keeping with Patrick’s credo: “Top satisfaction is our #1 goal,” the tire swings are cleaned “so black does not rub off onto clothes or hands,” they have a 200 pound capacity (great news for moms and dads), and they come “fully assembled and ready to hang.”

Although the Wildlife Creations’ tire swings use less of the tire, the revised design loses none of the fun. Tie one on (to a tree, porch, or existing swing) and have your kids take it for a swing.

+ Wildlife Creation Tire Swings available at Amazon $79-$119