Every time I spot a baby out and about in my NYC neighborhood, that tot is sporting some type of fuzzy animal ears in the form of a cap or hood. So I’m guessing its not just me who is smitten with fuzzy animal ears – there appears to be some sort of baby bear ear trend taking the nation by storm. Still, that doesn’t stop me from loving baby animal ear garb and dressing my tot (see above) up like a little bear every chance I get. Sorry folks, I just can’t stop myself! The above baby bear ear cap is hand-crocheted by the talented Mrs. Amy Molhenhoff, and it is just about my favorite thing ever.

Amy Molhenhoff is a New York based fashion designer who is part of the Ekovaruhuset collective of up-and-coming eco fashion designers. While she specializes in glamorous women’s wear, Amy also has a passion for crochet, and makes adorable baby bonnets on the side.

Check out her grownup styles here, and if there is a little one in your life who is in need of some warm fuzzy bear ears, it really doesn’t get much cuter than Amy Mohlenhoff’s organic cotton crocheted caps for little guys.

$68 from Ekovaruhuset