Never one to shy away from poisoning the food supply, the United States government is all set to introduce yet another doozy of a pesticide into the American food supply. Cyantraniliprole, recently approved for widespread use by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is a super fun new pesticide that will be allowed in foods ranging from almonds and berries, to leafy vegetables, onions, and milk. Beyond Pesticides notes that Cyantraniliprole, “Is a systemic insecticide that works by impairing the regulation of muscle contractions causing paralysis and eventual death in insects.” However, like all pesticides, cyantraniliprole also has the ability to impact mammals with the EPA noting that repeat doses have resulted in “Consistent findings of mild to moderate increases in liver weights across multiple species (rats, mice, and dogs).” Plus, the EPA has said that cyantraniliprole also alters the stability of the thyroid and is considered highly toxic on acute and oral contact basis for bees. Of course as is well known, the bee population has already suffered a lot, so yet another toxic bee killer is something we certainly don’t need. Regulations for cyantraniliprole are effective as of February 5, 2014. If you don’t want to ingest this, or other pesticides, consider buying organic. Also, you can join up with organizations like Healthy Child Healthy World to advocate for pesticide and chemical reform.

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