New York City chef and new dad, Daniel Angerer has added cheese made from his wife’s breast milk to his menu. While eccentric foodies and their culinary masters sometimes travel great lengths to procure hard-to-find ingredients that satiate exotic palates and put them on the cutting edge of innovation, Angerer found his “gold” ingredient right at home… sleeping next to him. But his idea to make cheese from breast milk could possibly be one of the year’s biggest D.I. Why? moments.

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This is possibly where locavore enthusiasm, a preference for humane dairy products, and the blurry mind state that too many sleepless nights as a new parent intersect — but who am I to judge? The chef calls his creation Mommy’s Milk Cheese and has been offering patrons of Klee Brasserie recipes and tips.

“Being a chef,” Angerer explained to Grub Street, “you’re curious about anything in terms of flavor — you look out for something new and what you can do with it.” “We’re just grateful that he didn’t get any ideas about his wife’s placenta,” says the Village Voice. And I’m sure we can all agree on that note.

Did I mention that this is a D.I.Y. post? Yes, you too can create your own Mommy’s Milk Cheese by following Angerer’s recipe posted on his blog… a state of lactation and breast milk expressor are, of course, required.

My Spouse’s Mommy Milk Cheese Making Experiment
(basic recipe using 8 cups of any milk – yields about ½ pound cheese)

4 cups mother’s milk
1½-teaspoon yogurt (must be active cultured yogurt)
1/8-tablet rennet (buy from supermarket, usually located in pudding section)
1 teaspoon sea salt such as Baline

*More details at Angerer’s blog