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The out of the box idea came to Berlin when he was thinking up an original birthday present to give to his wife. Since their newfound joy centered around their baby son, he decided to focus on a gift that celebrated this happiness.

Using the power of connectivity on the internet, Berlin tracked down the 23 artists using the Reddit Gets Drawn website. Each artist was given a collection of 40 family photographs, showing Agnes, Ernst and their tiny tot in all states of warm embrace and love. Each artist could interpret whichever picture (or pictures) he or she had chosen, in his or her own personal artistic style, with no limits to their approach.

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Berlin was more than delighted to find the resulting pictures to be an eclectic array of styles and colors, all unified by the overly apparent love that each artist saw in the family portraits. Berlin surprised Agnes with the artsy collection, filming her reaction in order to remember that birthday for all time.

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