Raising a child with autism spectrum disorder can include extensive challenges, running the gamut from behavioral issues to communication difficulties. One of the most worrisome and somewhat common behaviors is known as “eloping” or wandering off, an especially stressful habit if that child is nonverbal. AngelSense, a newly released device and app that includes a GPS-tracker as well as a voice-monitoring system, was developed by the dad of an autistic child, and it’s already saving lives and helping concerned parents of children with special needs. An inventive communication solution, AngelSense strikes the balance between providing peace of mind for families and opportunities for some children with special needs to increase their independence.

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Every parent knows that not being able to find your child immediately causes stress, confusion, and (honestly) extreme fear. AngelSense’s newly launched First Responder Alert allows parents, with the push of a button, to be able to alert family, friends, and other trusted professionals via text as soon as the child wanders off. AngelSense makes use of those first critical minutes when a child becomes lost and gives parents and loved ones the ability to find the child more efficiently.

Basically, the AngelSense device itself works a little like a one-way cellphone. Parents can attach AngelSense to a pants pocket, waistband, or belt. The device requires a magnetic key, which means that the child can’t remove it himself. A special belt is available for kids who change or remove their clothes often. The app allows parents to see their child’s full daily schedule, broken down into short time intervals and even includes a “Runner Mode” that shows the direction the child is headed, approximates the distance between the parent and child, and allows the parent to listen in to their child’s surroundings.

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This unique system allows freedom for older, more independent children to follow daily routines such as traveling to and from school or a friend’s house while still keeping parents in the loop about where and how their child is. The voice monitoring system allows parents to listen in to make sure that their child isn’t being bullied or mistreated.

We love that AngelSense’s customer care team is comprised of parents of children with autism. Not only does it speak volumes for the usefulness of the product, this decision also shows how committed the company is to providing a compassionate and knowledgeable care experience.

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