The next Star Wars-related film is being released this week, and your kid and her crew are likely to indulge in intergalactic pretend play for the foreseeable future. In their wildest dreams, however, we’re not sure they could ever imagine this AT-ACT playhouse that looks more suited to a movie set than a backyard. Created and furnished by a British inventor, Youtuber, and dad named Colin Furze in conjunction with eBay, this larger-than-life AT-ACT was made with exquisite attention to detail for a Star Wars fanatic. Using a toy AT-ACT as their model and then sizing up the proportions and modernizing the design to represent the AT-ACTs in Rogue One, Furze and his team crafted this all terrain all cargo transport mostly from wood to keep it from weighing a zillion pounds and to allow for transport to the lucky child recipient’s backyard. And as impressive as the AT-ACT’s exterior is, you won’t even believe what lies inside (or how cool the entrance is).

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With the push of a button, a step ladder descends from the belly of the beast. Inside are display shelves for Star Wars figurines, stormtrooper helmets, Nerf guns, and an amazing gaming console. A flick of a nearby switch moves the head of the AT-ACT from side to side. It’s the ultimate pad for Star Wars fans, and the whole creation stands about 18 feet tall! If you ever built (or, more likely, paid someone else to build) an AT-ACT like this, your child would probably just drag a sleeping bag in and never ever want to leave. We kind of want to have our own playdates in there too, or at least use it as a temporary escape when our family is driving us bananas. You can find a more detailed look at the entire process here¬†as well as a peek inside the insane amount of fun and hard work Colin and his crew put in while making this unconventional playhouse. One word of caution: if this awesome AT-ACT inspires you to begin your own Star Wars-inspired backyard building project: you may want to get the OK from your neighbors first!

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via Huffington Post and Youtube