I’m so scared of spiders that I can hardly even stomach watching the video above — of a handy, spider-friendly tool a dad made for his arachnophobic son to deftly catch and release spiders in a location where they won’t solicit high-pitched shrieks or running leaps to jump on chairs. While Tony Allen’s son is indeed afraid of the creepy crawlie, unwelcome houseguests on eight legs, he didn’t want to kill them. So Allen invented My Critter Catcher which will set you back $16.95 in order to be benevolent instead of reaching for a rolled up newspaper. Apparently the contraption also humanely “catches” other insects from cockroaches to scorpions… but somehow the thought of doing either makes me want to run for the hills. I do like that this device teaches respect for all creatures, and that the long handle allows the user to keep a reasonably (providing you’re not phobic) safe distance from said critter at the other end of the stick while entrapping it in the nylon bristles before transporting it to greener pastures. This could be the answer bug phobic parents have been looking for… to teach the next generation reverence for all creatures, no matter how spooky they seem.

via Mashable