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When Jack was diagnosed with craniosynostosis, the Moxeys were not just worried about the effect of the condition on Jack’s health, but also the stigma it would cause with friends, family and strangers. Rather than having family and friends ask what was wrong with Jack, his dad turned the focus on his son’s cool helmets.

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Using the fan favorite Star Wars as his inspiration, Jonathan created an R2-D2, Luke Skywalker, Biggs Darklighter and Jek Porkins helmet for little Jack to interchange to match his moods and outfits! For the first nine months of his life, Jack rocked the stylish helmets, appearing like a mega fan! After nine months, his craniosynostosis subsided, leaving Jack in the clear!

Since sharing his story and images on social media, Jonathan has shared his designs with other families with children suffering from craniosynostosis, helping other kids beat the condition in style.

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