Most new parents are totally clueless, regardless of how many parenting books we read, but one of you just spent nine months gestating and then delivering a baby, so it’s nice when Dad jumps in to take care of the new bundle of joy… and mama too. The problem? Plenty of men who want to help don’t know how in this particular situation. Daddy Caddy was designed to help the whole family out during the newborn phase by providing 30 days worth of emails, tips, and reminders that help Dads delve into parenting and take care of mom too. Created by a new mom who found that parenting books rarely addressed the needs of post-childbirth mothers, Daddy Caddy’s gentle reminders may be just the thing to spring Dad into action. The company queried lots of mama friends and acquaintances about their needs and continues to accept ideas and feedback for new tips, which are accompanied by illustrations of helpful Papa Lion as he tends to his family. The tips, such as adding baby to the family’s health insurance policy, bringing mom a glass of water while she’s breastfeeding, and buying stamps to mail out baby announcements, aren’t exactly rocket science, but they are precisely the type of small help that can make a huge difference when you are trying to figure out how to function on one hour of consecutive sleep and simultaneously keep a tiny human alive. A 30-day subscription is only $5, which we say is money well spent if Dad feels more involved and Mom doesn’t have to remember to do every single thing (baby-related and otherwise) during the first month of parenting. Since it’s an email subscription and pretty much everyone is this close to having their phone surgically attached to their eyeballs, the daily tip is accessible and easy to find. Even if this helpful service is too late for you, pass on the kindness and tack a subscription on to a baby shower gift for a friend. She and her husband will definitely thank you later!

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