Extreme food writer and dad of two Eddie Lin has appeared on Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern twice and has even written a book titled Extreme Cuisine, but he counts eating his wife’s placenta as his wildest culinary experience. Now Lin wants to continue exploring placentophagy in the world’s first ever documentary about placenta eating, American Afterbirth: A Film About an Incredible Edible Organ. Despite gaining popularity in certain circles as being a rejuvenating post-birth wonder, and despite the fact that humans are the only mammals not to do so, eating one’s placenta still hasn’t become an accepted, respected practice. In fact, some hospitals label the placenta as “hazardous material” and won’t even let women have their own placenta after birth to do with what they’d like. Lin and his wife decided to try placentophagy after a challenging second pregnancy, and reading up on potential benefits, which are purported to include increased energy, milk supply, and postpartum healing. Even food fiend Lin admits he didn’t know exactly how to prepare this incredible edible organ, so he called on his mom to help make a nourishing soup. Another popular preparation: pill form. Intrigued by his own experience and the rich history around the placenta, Lin plans to interview chefs, researchers, celebrities, doulas, doctors, midwives, and other placentophagy proponents around the world. Along the way, he hopes to delve deeper into why an organ that has been viewed as sacred by numerous groups including ancient Egyptians and used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine is now treated like trash. Lin also hopes to dispel myths about placenta eating and offer a measured look at this growing, yet still controversial trend. Whether you ate (or plan on eating) your baby’s placenta or not, this unique documentary will give some much deserved acclaim to the underappreciated organ that nourishes your baby during pregnancy.

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