You thought being asked repeatedly by various family members and coworkers about when you and your spouse were going to procreate was awkward (and perhaps more than a little rude). Well, a new campaign by Danish travel company Spies Rejser is taking an even more direct approach. They are trying to enlist grandma wannabes to pay for baby-making vacations for their children. Denmark is one of several European nations facing declining birth rates: the country’s birth rate currently sits at 1.7 children. The travel company’s racy, humorous, and audacious “Do It For Mom” ad encourages moms to pay for a sunny beach vacation for their grown-up children (and their spouse) in order to ensure both a brighter future for Denmark and their own joy of being a grandmother. Spies Rejser cites data (from somewhat dubious sources) that beach vacations result in 51% more sex and thus a greater chance of creating a new human being. But the company isn’t advocating for a lazy getaway with plenty of chill time pool or beach side — Spies Rejser is promoting active vacations, promising that getting sporty with one’s spouse helps to release endorphins and get blood flowing to all the “right” places. A baby is (unsurprisingly) not guaranteed as part of the “Parent Purchase” travel deal, but this ad campaign certainly ranks as one of the most innovative we’ve seen, not to mention a cunning way to get someone else to pay for the type of vacation we’d gladly take.

via CNN