We take great care with the types of bottles, nipples and pacifiers our babies use, but how many of us are as discerning about what we use to clean them? If your current dish soap isn’t quite worthy of safely cleaning baby’s feeding accoutrements, look no further than Dapple. The mom-founded company just launched a new collection of their popular Pure N’ Clean Dish Liquid, which now comes in three new scents cleverly inspired by baby’s first fruits: Mango & Melon, Apricot and Apple & Pear. Dapple’s dish liquids are free of all the icky ingredients you want to avoid: phthalates, parabens, SLS, SLES, and formaldehyde — and in addition to cleaning bottles, you can also use them to safely clean sippy cups, breast pump parts, and all of your other household dishes. An added bonus: Dapple adds age-old green cleaning favorite baking soda to their dish liquid formula to combat the milk residue odor often left on baby’s feeding gear.

+ Dapple Bottle & Dish Liquid $5.99

+ Dapple